EDS, Inc. is dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality Civil Engineering and Land Surveying services at a reasonable price. By streamlining our workflow we are able to minimize our operational expenses and to pass on the cost savings.


EDS Standard Pricing

Boundary Lot Survey in Minneapolis or St Paul (fieldwork only)


Boundary Lot Survey in the rest of the Twin Cities (fieldwork only)


Elevation Certificate (does not include electronic filing)


Certificate of Survey (existing conditions, drafting included)


Compute and set a missing monument, in addition to the base fee


Important:  The prices listed here may vary depending on the lot size and configuration. For a more accurate estimate we recommend that you fill out the Survey Request form. The fees estimated here are only valid for EDS, Inc. and different firms will have different estimates. Regardless of what fee a firm charges, a surveyor should be hired based on qualifications and not just price. There is nothing more expensive than a poorly done survey regardless of how cheaply it was performed.


Surveying a residential property.


Vladimir Sivriver, PE, RLS

Surveying in forested conditions.

Staking for a new commercial building.

Do I need a survey? 

People often ask this when they are building a fence, because very few municipalities in the Twin Cities require a survey for a fence. Some even suggest that you can rent a metal detector and "find your own property corners." We always advise against the DIY mentality when in comes to your property boundaries because the value of a professional survey always outweighs the cost of being wrong.

English poet John Donne wrote, "No man is an island." Even if your property is indeed on an island (which we would be more than happy to survey) no property exists alone. It is connected to the Public Land Survey System which is like a giant grid over the continental United States. It may also be part of a plat on record with the county, and part of a block consisting of other lots whose measurements can relate to the correct method of determining your properties boundaries. When we do a boundary retracement survey, we take all these things into account, as well as any historical data that can give us an idea of the intent of the original surveyor. If we are called before a land court to defend our professional opinion on the position of your property boundaries we are always prepared to make a strong case to support our conclusion. These things should come into play when you consider what value you derive when ordering a survey.

What kind of survey do i need? 

The two most common types of residential surveys we do are a boundary survey and a certificate of survey. With a boundary survey we only define your property lines. We do not issue a document or do any drafting. Most people who are installing a fence only need a boundary survey. If you don't need any drafting, then ordering a boundary survey will save you some money because you are only paying for the field work.

If you need drafting, a certificate of survey will cost more but you will receive a drafted document showing the dimensions of your boundary, the position of any structures on or adjacent to the property and their dimension to the property lines, any hardcover or paved surfaces along with hardcover calculations, setback requirements, any visible utilities servicing the property, topography and drainage, and any trees over 6 inches in diameter on or near the property not including forested areas. If you need a Tree Preservation Plan or location of trees in a forested area, that would be an additional survey.

If you are going to be building new structures and need a Site Plan, Grading Plan, Erosion Control Plan, SWPP Plan, Contruction Staking, Foundation Certificate or As-Built Survey these would not automatically be included when you order a Certificate of Survey and would be an additional cost. Please feel free to contact us through the online Request Form and let us know what kind of work you need, we would enjoy being a part of your next project. Also feel free to browse through our Projects Section to familiarize yourself with what each type of survey or plan would look like.