EDS, Inc. is dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality Civil Engineering and Land Surveying services at a low cost. By minimizing operational expenses and conducting a portion of our business online, we are able to pass our SAVINGS ON TO YOU.


EDS Standard Pricing

Boundary Lot Survey in Minneapolis or St Paul (fieldwork only)


Boundary Lot Survey in the rest of the Twin Cities (fieldwork only)


Elevation Certificate (does not include electronic filing)


Certificate of Survey (existing conditions, drafting included)


Compute and set a missing monument, in addition to the base fee


Important:  The prices listed here may vary depending on the lot size and configuration. For a more accurate estimate we recommend that you fill out the Survey Request form. The fees estimated here are only valid for EDS, Inc. and different firms will have different estimates. Regardless of what fee a firm charges, a surveyor should be hired based on qualifications and not just price. There is nothing more expensive than a poorly done survey regardless of how cheaply it was performed.


Surveying a residential property.


Vladimir Sivriver, PE, RLS

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"Pay for the quality of services, not for the name of the Company!" Quality Services for EVERYONE! Why pay thousands when you can pay less for the same quality of Engineering and Surveying Services?

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We specialize in Site Design, Land Surveying, Transportation, Water Resources, and Environmental Engineering.

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EDS, Inc. always strives to offer the lowest price possible for our services. Doing so means that you receive the greatest value. We are committed to earning your trust and respect by offering friendly service, ongoing support, and of course - GREAT VALUE!

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EDS, Inc. is dedicated to providing the highest quality professional services to our clients.